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If so, it's a pretty damn convincing one.

"Uhhh… I mean, we've travelled through time Bina. If it's a trick, it's a pretty good one."

"No! Not like that. I mean, it works, right? So it's real but that doesn't make it not a trick."

> You mean a prank, or a "B3 orchestrated everything" type of trick?

"So you're saying, what? This is some kind of trap set by Three? I know Twelve was really down with the 'Three was totes evil' theory, but I'm not really sold on-"

"No! Not Three! Who cares about her? She's just me with a running start."

"Uh… what then?"

"Giant bug, from space!"


"Giant bug from space!!!"

"Yes, I heard you. I was asking for further explanation, not for you to just repeat yourself louder."

"I don't know if it needs further explanation. It's a fairly self-contained statement."

"You're talking about the Botfly?"

"Do you know any other giant bug from space?"


"Then I'm talking about the Botfly, OK? It's an alien, or god, or demon or something. It's there, it's the cause of all of this, and we keep not talking about it."

"OK, yeah. And?"

"And? Well what does a giant bug from space have to do with time travel?"

"Well, clearly it's a time travelling giant bug from space, Bina. I mean, time travel is happening, right? So, following logically…"

"Yes! But maybe the reason it's happening isn't because time travel is an innate part of being a giant space bug, but instead it's happening because the giant space bug wants it to happen.