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She wants to figure stuff out for herself, rather than relying on past versions of her?

"So, wait. Do you want to figure all this stuff out by yourself? Because we don't really have time to-"

"What? No!"

"Haha! No. That would be impossible. I'm just being silly."

"Bina. I don't know you very well, and I won't pretend that I do, but in our brief acquaintance I have learned at least one thing about you. While you are a lot of things, and some of those things can be pretty irritating, you are not silly. Not about things that matter. So just tell me what is bothering you because the dancing around it is getting annoying."

"No. It's dumb. Lets just-"


"I'm not being silly either."

"Errr… right."

"You have good instincts for dangerous shit. If whatever you're worrying about ends up being true, we're both going to look pretty damned stupid if you knew about it but were too embarrassed to tell me. So tell me."

"All right!"

Bina stops and appears to be trying to gather her thoughts. After a moment she blurts out, "Have you ever thought that all this, the Moment, the Viewers, the journals, the whole time travel thing. Have you ever thought that it might be just - you know - a trick?"


Happy Canada Day everybody.