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Well, that's not concerning at all. Now, step back from the world-devouring boundary.

Yeeeeaaaah… probably best to go.

She finishes recording the measurement before grabbing Piotyr and beating a grateful retreat.

She almost heads straight inside but she stops and decides to check on her second impossible thing before breakfast.

>What's so special about this place that makes it that last bit of reality to go, as opposed to a random coordinate in space?

It's probably centered around whatever engine B3 made that chews up the Moment's 3 dimensions and converts it into some extra 4th. It's like a drain in a universe-sized bathtub!

The watch sits, anchored in the air, ticking. It's ticks are quiet, but heavy, as though someone very far away were dropping enormous weights.

While you're inside the Moment, the watch cannot move from this particular spot.

That spot is, of course, here.