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Maybe it's something to do with this place being pretty 'stable', so to speak. There isn't any paradox to power it.
Or maybe there just isn't enough electricity.

They've got a lot of electricity, it just isn't working.

"Here, just like - hold this against the back wall so I can use the mirror."

Kendra hands Bina a tiny maglight. They have lots of flashlights now.

"Like this?"

"Err, no other side. Wrong hand."

"Oh! Right yeah, that would be bad."

"Just scoot in a bit further and - ok. There. Hold it. Yeah, like that."

Kendra inserts a long thin piece of wire with a tiny mirror on the end into a small gap in the device.

Bina: Hold the light. Make small talk.

"Soooooo… I'm thinking omelettes?"

There is a loooooooong silence. Kendra wiggles the little mirror on a wand around in the back of the modified TV.

"I mean, for breakfast. I don't just randomly think about egg-based foods. I don't just randomly think about food at all. I mean, not any more then regular people do. Like, sometimes you're like 'I could really go for a good sandwich' but it's not - I mean, I certainly don't have any weird food-related like, stuff, or anything."


So this is going well.

"I mean, despite whatever you may have seen while looking through the closets earlier. I mean, like, um, I really don't even know why that costume is here and…"

And precisely none of this is getting a response out of Kendra. Bina gives up, and sighs.

"So you having any luck?"

"I think - just maybe - yeah. Christ."




"Twelve was right. They actually are welded in there. If I go in through the back with the torch it'll crack, or I'll melt one of the beams or - crap, crap, crap!"


"Whatever Three was up too when she made these things, she really didn't want anyone to mess with them."