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B12 left her some clothes but Bina finds that wearing them feels kinda weird.

She wore them, like actually put them on her body, which makes her real somehow, in a way she hadn't been before.

She must have been so lonely. Her Kendra died. Her Piotyr was… somewhere else.

Of course that does not in any way explain why she had this.



Not in the least. This is just baffling.


Can I recycle my KSBD outfit suggestion? Otherwise hmm, gimme some time to think. This is a cool idea for interactivity, BTW!

> So what is all this stuff meant to do?

That is a pretty excellent costume, alas, I think it will have to exist only in our fondest imaginings.


Well played sir.

Cannot really think of any clothes but I did think of this.

I like this, I do, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to use it because all I can see is ninja turtle.

This may happen at some point in the future though.

Please excuse the crappy, 20 minute doodle


At first I was gonna do a nice sundress or something cute and then something in my head was like "NO IT MUST BE VESTS" and there you go. Could swap all the colors around in some way or another, and I dunno where Bina found such fancy clothes (or why she would decide to wear them) but hey, at least we can get the full on steampunk look if she grabs some goggles.

This is very cool. I really like that vest.

oh good I still have six hours to draw something

and if I manage to actually do that I will edit this post with it

EDIT: ok here we go

I think most of that is legible

Although it occurs to me that maybe a bun or something is more practical than a ponytail

Aaah! Bina looks so cool any happy! The braid idea is really neat!

Oh man, an outfit for Bina? I have so many ideas!




Since I can't draw for shit, maybe I can help somebody else instead. Is Bina terrified of the whole "I can travel through time" thing, or has she embraced it? If she's embraced it, how about addressing the unlight in her choice of outfit? I'm picturing green, maybe green sleeves, or green stripes, or some kind of green liney pattern. Nothing says "I'm a serious business time explorer" like wearing your time machine like a uniform. (and clocks would be kind of tacky)

Also, considering her past experiences, something warmish, like long sleeves and/or a hoodie seems reasonable. If this wasn't just "day to day out and about" wear, knee pads might be reasonable. Also maybe some goggles? Goggles are universally badass and the strap can double as a headband type of thing. It goes without saying that she should have something to keep her hair out of the way. BreadProduct's headband is neat, but it looks like it could easily get caught on things. (Or bad guys should just grab hold of it, and add "wrenched neck" to Bina's list of injuries)

Shoes should be practical. Something like hiking boots are actually not very good for walking long distances, unless you like blisters. They may be rugged, but when you want something that you'll be wearing for like 12 hours a day, you want a comfortable tennis shoe. (I forget what they're called in the rest of the world. Trainers?)

It would be dumb to wear them all the time, but having some kind of work gloves on hand would be practical if Bina wants to avoid tearing the shit out of her hands. They could also help keep the spooky hand covered.

As someone who can't draw for shit, it always blows my mind when someone calls art like that a "doodle." Let alone "crappy." Also, that tool belt is rad.

Oh man! I have not done nearly enough Back To The Future references!

The Dave Strider suits would be cool, but can you imagine getting mud on one of them?

Never! A crime against fashion! Not to be thought of.

Designing an outfit sounds super cool! Everything I draw isn't comin out quite right though, so I'm gonna use pics to describe it instead, I hope that its okay.
I'm def seconding (thirding?) the hairtie/headband combo for the scarf that BreadProduct drew though, that looks really rad.
Anyway, my suggestions


For a Top I'm thinking a cute banana graphic tee like this since a lot of people seem to be banana-supportive today:


or a simple solid color tee, probably in a darker shade under a gray zip front hoodie, sleeves rolled up for maximum 'lets do this' feeling


Or a raglan style tee (cute banana optional), because even though 20C isn't too chilly for a sweatshirt, (at least, here, but I've been told Minnesotan weather isn't too far off from Canadian weather so I'm assuming its roughly the same there) the right wind will definitely give you goosebumps, assuming there even is wind here, or any sort of weather phenomena, and she's definately going to be even chillier soon when she gets back underground.


And then for bottoms, I'm thinking maybe cargo pants? Either in Gray-green, or charcoal. They have plenty of pockets, and they're usually pretty good at any temperature, comfort wise.


Otherwise a pair of simple straight leg jeans would be really nice too.


And then for shoes, either a pair of work boots (steel toed optional) if she can find them (especially if shes going back out in the mud)


or a pair of tennis shoes with Bina Green accents if you think she would wear them



I never thought of it before but what if Bina's sense of fashion is secretly really wild and she chooses like a big leather coat and trip pants with spiked boots and wristbands

This is an excellent collection of cool clothes. I really like those tee's. Hmm!

cmon guys, we all know there's really only one real answer to this:


I dunno, I'm not sure Bina could pull off the suspenders…

At 20 degrees C (68F) I would be wearing a Cardigan. I don't even switch to short sleeves until the Fahrenheit hits 78.

I suggest cargo pants (practical! POCKETS!!) and a long sleeved T or a light pullover. Keep it simple, because you're gonna have to draw it a lot.

Don't be silly Teg! Mushrooms don't wear clothes!

Don't look now Teg, but I think a52 may be on to your CUNNING DISGUISE.