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"Good morning sleepyhead."


"Did you take your pills?"

"Yes, mother."


Bina sighs. "No, I'm taking them now."

"Hello Piotyr" says Kendra, catching the tiny dog.

"Yes. Yes you are a dog. Yes. Oh my it is exciting isn't it? Yes it is!"

Piotyr enthusiastically agrees. It is a day and she is a dog! Hurray!

"I think this zithro is old," says Bina.

"You have a serious infection. Every little bit helps."

"And we should be saving this tylenol. We're almost out."

"Yesterday you could barely walk by noon, and don't think I didn't hear you whimpering every time you stood up."


"Just take it. How are your knees today?"


They're not.

"No red streaks?"

"No red streaks."

This, at least, is true. They'd agreed on the first day, when both of them were dealing with their cuts, if either of them ends up with blood poisoning, they're going to use some of their limited time travel to get to a doctor.

Neither of them likes that idea, there are a ton of potentially lethal problems with trying it, but dying of septicaemia isn't something that either of them is willing to put up with.

"Wait, did you… just put your pyjamas back on after you had your shower?"


"Bina! I need you to help me out with this!"

"I can help, I'll just -"

"No no - go change. Finish your coffee. I'll - I'll figure something out."


Have you ever wanted to design clothes for Bina?

Now is your chance! In keeping with the ridiculous schedule for this adventure, anyone who wants to participate has exactly 24 hours from the time this post goes up to post an image (doesn't have to be a drawing, could be a picture of real clothes) of what you want Bina to wear.

Things to keep in mind:

- the temperature in the moment is an even 20 degrees celsius (68 fahrenheit), so she doesn't need a sweater or jacket, but they might be going somewhere colder later
- she's going to include the red scarf somewhere in her outfit
- she's Bina, use what you know about her
- she's not going to wear anything particularly ridiculous, but feel free to suggest ridiculous things if you want too.

You're all the best! Thanks!

Careful with that reference, it's an antique!

And yet, I could not resist…