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> So when you time-traveled before the not-Piotyr attacked you got to the Moment, right? That's where (when?) you are now?

Yes. This is the Moment.

The thing they found in Josephine's study, the watch, has this Moment inside it, much like their jury-rigged time machine had a fragment of a different time in it.

An infinitesimal fraction of a second in solid form.

A tiny piece, of a tiny piece, of a tiny piece of a day.

Of course, that comparison is like saying that a nuclear reactor and a match-book both have "fuel" inside them.


Her legs don't look any better today. Not worse either, she thinks. Not really. Maybe a little puffier around the edges of the bigger cuts.

At least there's no red streaks.

Not yet.

That's good.

Apparently Three didn't feel like she needed to explain most of her more ridiculous tricks. The way that she constructed the Moment was one of the things that she "forgot" to include in her notes.

It's a weird place, and Bina's pretty sure she'd grow to hate it if she had to stay here for any length of time -

- but at least it's got hot water.