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The journals, what we've read of them so far, don't mention Piotyr being here in the other timelines.

Most of them don't mention her at all.

They mention the other one, the Hound, in excessive detail, but not this pale little dog.

Kendra is convinced that she's a ghost.





Shouldn't that be dawn of the third year? :mspa:

Yaay! Two years and going strong, thank you for your wonderful work!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting so consistently.

I am confused but pleased by your choice of url, but either way congrats and thank you for 2 years of this stuff.

Yeeeah… it's pretty weird.

Doing something constantly like this adventure in competitions is often called an 'iron man' competition.

Two years is, I think, pretty good! So… Iron Man 2!

Drat you Jack you have outwitted me yet again!! (villainous mustache twirl)
Bravo for the two year mark. Good heavens has it been that long already?

It has! Good heavens. For some reason I always think we started at the same time, but the Ballad is two months further along than I am!

Well done to you as well.


I didn't make this cake, but i happened to have been baking cookies at the time the 2 year was posted!

Thank you for the cake!