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[size=10]"It's… small,"[/size] says Bina, trying to catch the tiny object with the ends of her fingers. [size=10]"And thin."

"Bina, shhhh… get your arm out of there! I think there's something playing with the gate."

Bina hears it too, a thin, quavering, metallic shriek.

"Check the window. You can see the gate through there."

>Just get ahold of whatever it is and pull it out. Tell Kendra to check out the noise.

"Fine, but you stay down."

"Right,"[/size] says Bina, [size=10]"I think… I've almost… got it!"[/size]

Bina pulls the object from the hole.

It is a tiny paper card.

There is not enough lego in the whole world for this.


Dalm, I don't - I can't… I mean, what?