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> You're gonna unlight 'er up, aren't you?

"You mean use the unlight?"

The unlight might be helpful, yes… But this close to the botfly?

"I don't know if it's safe so close to the-"

"No! God no."

"Then what?"

"Look, you're convinced you left this whatsit here, right? So it should be somewhere you can find it."

"I guess," says Bina. "But I'm not very good at communicating with myself at the best of times."

"Don't think about it that way. Just ask yourself, if you were going to send something important to yourself, where would you put it?"

Look for the calendar hole.

"In the wall, I guess. Where the calendar was."

"The wall?"


"I found something else in here earlier. The note, from Josephine. She told me it was hers, but she didn't explain how she'd done it."

The hole is much larger now, the plaster peeling away, leaving a large gap which was, at some point, filled with insulation. that insulation is almost gone.

Bina reaches inside, a few wispy pieces of straw tickle the back of her hand.


"Nothing, just -"

The hole is deeper then she anticipated.

"Wait, I think I got some-"



"Did you hear something?"


"I heard something."[/size]