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>Does it still hurt to look at that door?

Not much.

A little.

Like the ghost of a headache.

The slithery, grainy feeling is still there, but muffled. Quieter.

>So who wrote that line anyway? You don't remember doing it and it couldn't have been Kendra. Gregor, or the missing science people? The Evil Bina?

[size=10]"Did you ever figure out who wrote that ominous question over there? It is waaaay creepier then you described it, by the way."

"I think I did it."

"You mean before-you? B12?"

"No, I asked her. She had no idea what it meant. Another me. B3 maybe? Or this-me, only later. Might be you now I think about it. Does it sound like the kind of thing that you'd do?"

"Not so much! This kind of time travel is less fun than it looks on TV."

"How long do you think until the Naughts exist?"

"Maybe a minute? Two, if we're lucky."

"Dammit! We can't look through all this stuff in two minutes!"

"Hmmm…" says Kendra, "Maybe we don't need to…"[/size]