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[size=10]"We should take a look around."

"Yeah. Can you check the desk?"


>Is something on the desk actively dripping? Is it because of the rain? Even though you just said the roof was intact? Check it out.

Check the liquid on the desk, and the yellow object on the shelf.

"Hmmm… this stuff all over the desk? Whatever it is, it isn't water."

"It isn't?"

"No, smells like… I dunno, turpentine maybe? Something chemical."

"Can't be worse then the rest of the room."

"No kidding."[/size]

The smell they noticed on their approach is worse inside. The air is close, damp, and greasy. Both of them are trying to avoid breathing through their nose.

>look, something that isn't grey or brown!

Oh yeah, whuzzat?

[size=10]"Ah crap, I think I just found Mutt and Jeff's hazmat suits."

"Mutt and Jeff?"

"The science people."

"You mean Josh and Kate."

"Yeah, them."

"What are they doing here, the suits I mean?"

"Maybe Gregor left them behind after he, you know, did his thing."

"Oh great, so, what? Gregor comes in here now?"


"Then wouldn't he have found this Moment thing?"

"I don't know, ok?! I must have hidden it. Previous me. B12."

"Or it's not even here."

"Just - I haven't even had a chance to look around yet. OK? Gimme a second."

"You better be quick, otherwise we gotta start running."[/size]