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"Is that it?"

"I think so. I remember that iron gate."

"The gate is open. Is that our entrance?"

They're both whispering.

"Maybe, there's a way in, a door, through that gate. But the courtyard is where the Botfly was and-"

"And we do not want to go there unless we have too. Which window is it?"

"The one on the right."

"We could go in that way? Though the window."

"Would it be easy to do that quietly?"

"Probably not."

"Didn't think so."

"Was there another way in?"

"There was another door, it connected the office to a room full of pipes. I think it was that smaller building with the collapsed roof. Maybe if we went around, we could find another way in without going into the courtyard."

The area is quiet and still, like the rest of the factory swamp, but there is a strange feeling in the air and -

"Eurgh… do you smell that?"

"Smell what?" asks Bina, and then she does smell it. Faint, but distinct from the sweet rotten bacon smell of the mud. A bad smell. Unpleasant, and somehow sticky.



I hate green, it is icky colour!

I am the ghost of green crayons past

and i curse you to go on an adventure through time!

There will be lots of mud

and running, and falling


Oh, it was dream all along!


I am now rocket ship


Alcastar, you are a treasure. I hope you know that. A treasure.