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It's… green. I am sooooooooooooo tired of that color.

"Are you sick of that colour yet?"

"You have no idea."

"So where to now, this is your hunch we're chasing down."

>so where to start first?

"The office I was in before, the place where I think previous-me stashed the Moment? It should be kiddy corner to the big Astre Sucre smoke stacks."

>Well time to potentially kick a bee's nest! What are you waiting for?

"Really? I thought it was - that's should be just around that stack of barrels over there, come on! I think we can see it if we-





"This place, it's uh… it's where the botfly was, in the before-time. The first place I went? When it bit me?"

"Yeah, you mentioned."

"So it's probably going to, you know, have some kind of connection there now."

"That does make sense, yeah."

"So it's going to be dangerous!"

"Bina," says Kendra in a deadpan, "At what point, since we've met, have we done anything that, even by the most generous definition, could be called 'safe'?"

"Uhh, right. OK, good point."

"But you're not wrong. We should probably be quiet from here on out. No need to go looking for trouble while we're already looking for trouble."