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"Bina? Wait up!"

>Isn't one of the letters on the 'Astre' building broken? Why are they fine here? Or am I just seeing things….? Perhaps this is something 3 did.

> Bina, are you worried this was B3's doing? Remembering the bakery in your dream, and the woman you overheard- talking about bringing the factory there, and something about temporal shadows- is this evidence that she did this?

Of COURSE it's evidence that B3 did this! Ha hah hah… STUPID B3!

"No temporal shadows." Yeah right!?

Bet you didn't realize that there'd be ten more loops after you, you short sighted idiot!

This is all going to turn out to be her fault. She can just feel it. Time travel stories always turn out that way! They're always, like, twisted all up like that. Because people want to be clever!

Bina wants to be clever, and usually she does. She's smart, and she knows it, but not now, not today.

Bina: Be extremely unnerved.

Today she feels like an enormous idiot, and a coward, whose heart nearly jumped out of her chest at being left alone for like a minute.

Aaaargh! She is going to make B3 step on SO MANY legos when she catches up with her!


That "axil" should be "axel."

OK! I blame the entire science of botany for that one.

And that "axel" should be "axle".

And also everyone named "Axel" apparently.












tegerioreo wins

but, I like badatnamesbluhbluh's answer more.

unless Tegerioreo meant this Axle:



Well played sir. Well palyed.



Started on tuesday, finally caught up! Yay! You should market this, it's incredible. Self-publish or something, because fancy book people don't like online writing…. but you could totally market this!!! I would buy a copy! THe story is incredible, intricate and well formed, and the images are excellent. I can't beleive I can contribute to something like this!!!

Aaa! Thank you for saying nice things. And thank you for reading. You read a lot of comic very quickly!

About publishing this as a book. It's not really doable. Aside from all the animations and the questionable use of some things (the Hubble images are the big one), Wolftamer is right about what they say here:

I've been thinking this over a little, and I think a lot of these forum adventures need some more exposure before you can justify getting them published. This adventure and a ton of others (I probably haven't read a bunch of them) are really good, but being stuck in this little dark pocket of the MSPA fandom and the MSPFA website, not a whole ton of people are reading them. I'm not sure what to do about this, but it would be great if more people appreciated All Night Laundry and all those other great stories! Sorry to ramble.

I really appreciate all of you, but judging by the forum stats (which are not suuuper reliable but they're all I have to go on) I have about 700-900 regular readers.

Which is awesome! And terrifying! And amazing! And not… really enough to warrant publishing a hard copy of a book…

Lastly, and this, this is the big one. This comic is bloody enormous. Last time I checked, which was about three months ago, All Night Laundry was around the length of a 950 page novel.

Without the pictures. Just the text.

With the pictures, it's easily double that.

So while I would love to have a hard-copy of this strange thing we've all worked very hard on over the last two years, it's not really feasible for a number of excellent reasons.


A website is feasible, assuming I can find the time to build one.

(Mental Note: Find the time to build a website…)