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Kendra> Realize what Bina realized before- this whole place is just repeated over and over

"It's the same building!"

"I know."

>Kendra: Be amazed at the repetition

"No, I mean, the same building."

"I know!"

"I went around the back and looked in through the window. It's got the same trucks, the same junk, the same everything. Same coil of wire I used to make the time machine too. And the same roll of tape. I almost snagged that, you can never have enough electrical tape, but I didn't want to have to break the window."


"It's eerie. One of the trucks looks like the axil snapped, so it's sort of listing to the side a bit into the mud, but aside from that… I think it's a copy maybe."

She looks around.

"This place, this whole underground thing, it's too big. It's got to be at least a kilometre across. Way too big for a sugar factory, right? But if there were lots of copies of the factory sort of smashed into each other-"

"Like the naughts," says Bina.

"Yeah! Like the naughts. That makes a weird sort of sense. I still don't get how the ceiling hasn't caved in though. I bet that drove some of the science people crazy. The support scaffolding near the hole is a bit ridiculous, it can't be what's holding the ceiling up."


"Are you ok?"

"You look kind of shakey. What happened?"

"I'm fine - just - don't - I'm fine. Really. We should keep going. Find the Moment. I'm rested now. Lets go."


Of course sweetheart, I can probably speak for all of us when I say I'm always here if you need to talk/vent/cry/whatever. And if you're stressing out so much, don't worry about posting for us, we can wait. Work is a bit more important to be focusing on, don't you think?

Unlike Bina, I really am good. I was just trying to do too many things at once. Thank you though.