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"Kendra! Don't-"


Psssssst, a little typo here. Are you feeling alright, Jack? I don't mean to be picky and point it out, but there have been quite a few small mistakes in the past couple updates, which is unusual for you. Have you been getting enough sleep?

Thank you musicalEmpathist.

I… probably haven't been getting enough sleep. Not lately. I've been stressed at work, and recently I've been mostly writing these updates very late at night.

I usually read through the updates aloud, which helps me catch awkward wording, as well as giving me a chance to check for errors, but I haven't done that the last few days. Haven't had the time.

It clearly makes more of a difference then I had thought it did, which is a good thing to know.

Thank you to everyone who is catching the errors as they pop up. You are all wonderful people. :pleasant:

And thank you everyone, again, for reading.

(or course today is the day that I have an update with a grand total of two words of text…)