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"What time was it when we went back?" asks Bina.

"Not entirely sure," says Kendra. "You woke up at like… 11:10 or so? I checked when the naughts showed up and it was 11:04. I must have broken the watch when I was moving our stuff off the roof. Sorry."

"It's ok," says Bina. "It's just a watch."

The walk some more, in silence. The mud sucks at her legs. The intense cold near the tunnel mouth fades, but it never really goes away.

It's like a late fall day. If a late fall day were extremely damp, underground, and covered in three feet of mud.

After an indeterminate period of walking, Bina stops, leans down, and puts her hands on her knees.

"Can we," she pauses, catches her breath. "Stop for a bit?"

"Oh gosh, Bina I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. You're hurt! I should have taken the backpack. Of course we can rest for a-

"No no, it's not that. OK, it IS that, but also, are you absolutely sure we're going the right way?"

"Pretty sure, yeah," says Kendra, taking Bina's elbow. "We're skirting around one of the red zones, which I'm guessing is that enormous pile of rubble and broken buildings over that way, but - here, sit down on this… is this a barrel? I guess it's a barrel."

"All right," says Bina, letting Kendra sit her down. "I believe you. It's just, if you're sure that you know where we are, what the heck is that doing here?"


Dawn of the 700th day…

Pst, that's 10:27, just so you know.

Thanks! It was very late when I was finishing that and I forgot to correct the time.