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> Ask if he's the only one available at this time of night.

Bina asks if he's the only one here. He says of course, Mr. Petrovich and Pio… Mr. Petrovich is gone.

He pauses for a second.

To sleep! That is where he is at. Sleeping. In bed. Because night time.

Bed is where you go, at night, err… unless you have to run laundromat. Which Mr. Petrovich did not. Because Gregor is here. See?

You see?

>Put your laundry in before you continue the conversation. That's what you came here to do, right?

Bina nods and murmurs something noncommittal, just to get out of this conversation, not because any of that made any sense.

It's almost 2:20 now and at this rate she'll be here all night.

The man seems relieved when she turns away.

>Ask if the laundry machine is broken

Bina asks if the washing machine, this one here, if it's broken. The man says no, it is full of clothes. He is washing his clothes, this is why he is wearing the tiny shorts yes? They are not fashionable but they were all he had. Because it is washing day.

Then he fall asleep, and err… does she especially want to use that one? There many others. Not full of clothes…?