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They walk for about fifteen minutes, it might be longer. Bina's various bumps and bashes have had an opportunity to remind her that they're there.

The Moment is .. um .. thataway, right?

Eventually she asks, "Are you sure this the right way?"

"I think so," says Kendra.

> Which way is it? I hope one of you has memorized the map.

"The map isn't very clear in this section. I don't think they got out this way much. But I'm pretty sure we're going the right way."

"I don't remember any of this," says Bina, gesturing around at their surroundings, "Why aren't we just going back the way we went before?"

"Because we don't want to go through the camp," says Kendra. Then, noticing Bina's expression, she adds, "We don't want to go through the camp. Right?"

"We don't?"