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"Oh god…"

"Did I just -

"Fall again. Yeah. Bina, I don't think they're going to -"

"We make it. OK? We make it? I remember."

Kendra was half-conscious and probably definitely suffering from hypothermia at the time, so I'm not surprised she didn't remember. At least she gets to see all the exciting things she missed. Either way, it took awhile for them to get through the mud, didn't it? I hope Bina and Kendra are comfortable in their pile.

There is a long silence. Bina shifts on her rock. It is cold here, but the hazmat suit she's wearing, while muddy, is warm enough. She considers pulling up the hood but she has a feeling that if she moves at all she'll startle Kendra. Kendra has that same coiled tension that people waiting for someone to get out of surgery.

Bina tries to avoid watching her reaction and can't quite manage it. Kendra must be a terrible poker player.

"Bina, you never told me about this."

"I said I carried you," says Bina. Eurgh. She hates how she sounds, all defensive and childish.

There is another long silence. Time trickles by. Had it really taken this long before? It feels like hours.

After another eon, Kendra whispers, "But you didn't say it was like this."