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"Come on! Come on!"


"Shh! Behind here!"

"Careful," says Kendra, "Don't knock any of this mess over."


"I'm shh'd!" says Kendra, and then immediately, "God, it's freezing. We should get of the mud, now."

They take cover behind a pile of pipes and metal debris.

"Hey, past-us are coming out now," says Kendra, "I don't really remember this."

> Don't look back at all the stuff that's going to happen to you guys. They may be recent memories, but they're unpleasant enough to leave behind.

"Eurgh, don't watch," groans Bina. "This sucked the first time."

"Oh crap! We just fell in, did we fall in before?"

"Yes! How do you think we got all covered in mud?"

"I don't remember this at all…"