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And the award for prescience goes too…

I have a feeling we may need to increment the rhetorical Bina Mud Spoosh counter very soon.


Kudos on the background Jack Fractal. THe Botfly feels so otherworldly, eldritch, and disgusting while remaining a blurry mess.

I love the colors in this one!

Thanks everyone, but I can't take credit for that amazing blobby thing in the background. THAT is the Eagle Nebula. One of the greatest photographs to ever be taken, on the most expensive camera ever made.

About six months ago I happened upon a collection of images from the Hubble Space telescope. I knew, when I saw them, that I had to do something with them. Most of the deep background stuff in the last section have been retinted, blurred, stretched and recoloured images from the Hubble telescope.

I encourage anyone who hasn't taken a look at the Hubble galleries to do so. They are amazing, and gorgeous and well worth your time.