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"That'd be the botfly down there then."

It's not a question, but Bina feels compelled to answer it anyway.


"You didn't mention it was so… substantial."

"It wasn't," says Bina, "First time I saw it I mistook it for a television. It's, uh, it's gotten bigger. A lot bigger."

"Well that's," Kendra trails off, trying to find an appropriate word. After a few seconds of thought she settles on "Alarming."

"We should get out of here. Now."

"I agree!"

so many timebergs floating in the void like the corpses of dead gods

"Which one should we take though? I mean. We're sort of spoiled for choice here. One of the nearby ones, I'm thinking."

It's probably best not to go too far down just yet.

"I don't want to get any closer to that then I absolutely have to."

"We probably shouldn't over-think it," says Bina. She's got the feeling that 'away' is more important than 'where to' at the moment.

"So… eenie meenie miney mo then?"

"Unless you've got a better idea."