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"You ok? What happened?"

"It was me again! Gah. She almost saw me."

"But she didn't, right?"

"No, but - god it's weird seeing yourself, when you're not, you know being yourself. It's like someone walking over your own grave, only backwards."

"So what time does it exit at?"

"Right after I, uh, right after I escaped from Gregor the first time."

Bina decides not to mention that she was also abandoning Kendra while she had been screaming for help.

"So it's too early."

"Could we go the other way? Back into the laundromat and through Gregor's tunnel?"


> Oh oh OH. So that's when this is. This is too early, Gregor will catch you if you go here, plus you'll waste the battery! You need to find another hole!

"Gregor's, like, right behind me. I manage to sneak across the construction site and break into the trailer. That's where I both find and DON'T find the dead guy (because I screwed that whole thing up real bad). Then I go back in time, find the wall with all the writing on it, and get paradox sickness."

Bina says all that in one breath, "Then Gregor finds me and carries me back to the basement where I met you. Both of us, me and Gregor, we're are all over the construction site for the next half hour."

"Dangit. Why can't anything be easy for once? Just for a change."

"And I think he… resurrects Piotyr? Maybe? I'm not sure, but I think Piotyr un-died again during that time as well. Soo…"

> So, uh, if you wait for a bit, will stuff pass?

"Well we don't want to wait here for another half hour," says Kendra.

And they don't, the very idea of sticking around in this un-place makes Bina feel sick to her stomach.


Staked out for lions to eat.

There is something deeply deeply wrong about this place. Bina's teeth try to go on edge, but when they try, they find that the rest of her body has gotten there first. She finds herself experiencing the rare full-body edge, a sensation, in day to day life, available only to the terminally paranoid.

Judging by Kendra's expression, she's experiencing the same thing.

There's a pause as they both think about the situation, and then an idea strikes her.

"Err, wait, can you hold onto me again? I just want to check something."

A few seconds pass.

"Yeeeah.. OK. Pull me back. I was right."

There is another bloop.

"There's no point in waiting."

"Time isn't moving over there."


Those are really nice kitties, jack-fractal! Very lifelike!

Thanks tronn!