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> What? The 17th of Juillet 1911?

What? Oh. Hmm.

> Bina: look at the calendar

Bina looks at the calendar.

OK. That is pretty weird. It looks like a working calendar, not a prop. There are what are probably delivery dates marked all over it, production schedules, and a bunch of notes that would make sense if you're in the sugar business.

It reminds her of the calendar at the restaurant. The ones there are always covered in birthdays, vacations, and pleas from the unlucky people who get opening shifts on Sundays for someone, anyone, to please trade shifts with them.

The last day marked is the seventeenth of July, a Monday.

It has a note written on it.

"Factory closed for experiment."

Well that's not ominous at all.

That's… weird. It's the seventeenth of July today, back in the real world, but it's a Wednesday -

Right. This calendar is for 1911, not 2013.

Oh please… don't be that.

Don't be time travel. Whatever is going on, please don't be time travel. Those stories always make Bina's head hurt.