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>Here's an idea: Slide into the pool and hopefully the not-dog will just slide on off of the dang platform.

Yeah, Piotyr doesn't seem like she's sliding much!

And she's not to keen too just jump into any random time-pool she finds, she's got no idea where she'll end up, and the enormous monster will just follow her.

>Bina: If you can't get in the pool/crater, can you at least angle yourself to give the Not-Piyotr a face full of your muddy boots?

That didn't work out so well for her the last time she tried it!

> Bina: Try to scamper back upwards.

On the list of 'things she didn't think she was going to have to do when she woke up today' this is pretty high up there.

I just remembered we left poor Kendra back up in the laundromat. I hope she isn't completely freaking out.

Up above her, almost lost in the distance, Bina hears a scream.