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So she needs a way to visualize the gaps.

Because there are gaps. Of that, at least, she's pretty sure.

Or if not gaps, some kind of weak spot.

> Some kind of opening you can fall into, like an open manhole.

Could just use holes. That's probably the closest to what is actually happening.

But what kind?

Could do cracked glass again.

Kendra sees wood. Maybe she should try that?

> Think really hard about a pool of water and how much you would kill to be in one.

Pools of water?

That might work. It'd soften the landing a little.

No, wait.

Pools don't leave her with a way of choosing whether she wants to go in or not.

She just falls in, sploosh!

How much control does she have about what they look like?

A lie… Perhaps you are going about this the wrong way. Literally.

> You are not falling down you are falling up.

Could she change directions?

>You are not falling. You are perfectly still. Floating in the void.

Or stop moving entirely?

She thinks about it.


Something about that feels wrong.

She doesn't think that she can change the facts about what is going on, just her perception of them.

And there are facts here.


Some of this is real. There are parts of this that are actually happening.

The damage to time. That's probably real. The dog, both of them, they're real too.

Kendra is real, of course, and so is Gregor, and the time machine, and the Laundromat falling down and -

- and Bina is real.


She's reasonably certain about that last one.

wait… why is gravity affecting you at all? You're in the void. There's nothing massive enough to CREATE a gravitational pull like that. Unless there's something huge looming in the darkness far below that you can't see and is slowly getting closer and closer, ready to swallow you up… But, if that's not the case, if you are in a void space, then… Is your own perception of what should be "gravity" causing you to fall?

And her sense of down is real.

There is a gravity to this place. Something is pulling at her.

Something approaching.

Something imminent.

Something hungry.

Bina realizes that whatever she does, she should do it quick. This probably isn't a place to hang around in.