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> Really now, that was your plan?

Kendra is right there with you. This does not seem to be one of Bina's better plans.

Bina disagrees. See, the hotpad isn't the entire plan.

The rest of the plan goes like this:

Piotyr is fast. Really scary supernaturally fast, way faster then something that big should be allowed to be, but she's not immune to physics.

She has momentum.

So all she has to do is get Piotyr to run at her, like she has.

>Just be sure to dodge.

Then she just deeks to the right, like this.

Then holding onto the scarf, so she can climb back up, swing around to the left, like this.

Then Piotyr will miss her and jump out into the timey-wimey void thing like-

OK, so Bina admits, she prooobably should have seen this coming.