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>Remember when I said you should get out? You should get out.

"We should r-

"Shh! It's been there for half a minute already."

It has? Every time Bina's seen this thing it's been either dead (by far her favourite option for it) or in a state of constant frantic movement.

"What's it… doing?"

Kendra and Bina have frozen where they stand, barely daring to breathe.

The dog, for her part, stands tense, a halo of pulsing darkness surrounding it, but she does not move.

"It's doing the glowing thing."


"But it's not charging at us."

"It is not."

Time oozes forward, like treacle, thick with flies.

"It looks… confused?"

The enormous skull fills Bina's entire vision. As she tries not to breathe, Bina realizes that it is moving, back and forth, in little darting movements.

>but not dog shouldn't appear, you already beat him… beat him again the same way but quicker! you know it's weakpoint

Unlike the last time, Bina has an idea what it's after. It wants the other Piotyr, the one in her head.

But now…


"I don't think it's decided which one of me it wants to go after."

Now there are two other Piotyr's, inside two different Bina's heads.

"Oh good," says Kendra. She does not sound at all relieved. "What happens when it makes up it's mind?"

Kendra's voice is flat, nasal. Bina realizes that she's trying not move even her lips.

"Nothing good…"

A plan would be good right about now.

She needs a plan, and quick.