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> Past Bina: Pass out due to time paradox-induced stress on reality. (As opposed to getting killed by it.)

"What!? I kinda got my hands full here!"

"I think if I just put her on the bench we should be-"

Kendra talks right over her.

"You know how you just said that meeting you from the past was worse then it being Gregor or the Dog on the end of that rope?"


"Well - I really hope you're right about that last bit."


Kendra points.

Bina looks.

not-dog; appear

Of course.

She should have been expecting this.


+1 Reader! I love this comic. I started reading about a week ago, *grimalkinInferno recommended me* and this still amazes me. I love the art style transitions, the characters, and the writer! Excited to be caught up, finally!

Aaa! Thank you for reading! I'm glad you're liking it.

And thank you grimalkinInferno for recommending this adventure. That was cool of you. :pleasant:.