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Their landing is pretty hard.


They neither notice nor care.

"Ha *cough* *gasp* ha haaaaa! We did it!", says Kendra, struggling back to her feet and trying to get her breath back.

"Take that you creepy time zombie bastards!"

Bina is pleased to realize that she has, somehow, managed to hold onto her hammer.

"I built a time machine," says Kendra. Then she says it again, "I built a time machine and it worked!"

"You totally did!"

"I built a time machine and it totally worked! I can't believe it worked!"

"It totally did! Aaaa!"

> There's no place like home.

> Err this is nowhere near the place you wanted to be. As expected.

It gradually sinks in that they're in the laundromat again.

"Of course we're here again."

"Not exactly my favourite place."

"Mine neither."

"Better then where we were though!"

"Way better."

"God, what happened here? Was it always like this?"


>cue traditional chapter transition?

I think it's too soon for that this time.

A little.

I'm not opposed to a 26 update chapter, the first chapter was only 24 updates long after all, but I've decided to hold off for just a little a bit…