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"Come onnnn…"

> Okay, you can do it!

Kendra drags the tip of the wire across the conductive plate as slowly as she can. It is painstaking work, and several times she thinks that the tone has changed a little, but it's not enough to be sure.

Not enough until -

Weak spot: Come to mama.

"I think - yeah - I mean, it's faint but I think I got one! I got one!"

The shard starts making the sound of a particularly geriatric buzz-saw.

"WHAT is the HOLD UP then!? DO IT!"

"But it's not the right -"

> Bina, what are you up to right now?

First of a wave of Naughts: Also come to mama.

"It doesn't MATTER if it's the right one!"

"Anywhere is better then here!"