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Do you see what I'm getting at, Kendra? Bina will do everything else. She'll hold the light, she'll hold the thing, all you need to do is listen and manipulate the controls. Block out everything else.

"Can you hold it? I need to listen - "

"Err -"

"It'll be easier if you hold it and I -"

"Sorry! I really gotta go do something," says Bina.

"Can you at least keep the light steady! I can't hear anything if it keeps cutting out like this."

"Argh, yeah. Wait - OK. Screw it."

Kendra isn't watching Bina, she's focused on the Device, the instrument in her hands, but the light steadies.

"That work?"

"Yeah! OK… lets do this."

Kendra leans in.

>Kendra: Do exactly what you did earlier, but harder.

"Come on weak spot…. come to Mama…"