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Bina watches while Kendra, with painful slowness, starts sliding the conductive wire up the length of blacked metal pinned to the device.

"Anything?" asks Bina.

"Not. Yet." says Kendra, through her teeth.

"OK, so, like, just so you know. They ARE inside, sort of, there's two of them trying to get through the window at once."

"Will you be quiet for a minute!?"

"Sorry! You know, just keeping you up to date on our imminent demise."

"You just make sure that you keep that light pointed in the right direction and shh!"

Bina manages this, heroically, for about five seconds.

Gasping moans? Get away from here before you see a sight that will haunt you forever.

"OK! So! The one with three heads just figured out how to get its shoulders through the doorway by sort of slipping inside the other one's chest cavity. Which was, just, you know, yuck! So, do you mind me asking what the heck is the hold up!?"

"I can't find any weak spots!" says Kendra. She's starting to sound frantic. "I think it maybe changed pitch a few times but just barely I can't be sure if I'm really hearing it or if I'm just imagining it!" She pauses and swipes a hand across her face. "I don't know what I did wrong! It could just be that we don't have enough power, or that I've fucked up the connections somewhere or, or anything."

That doesn't sound good.

"Oh crap! I've killed us," whispers Kendra, "I've killed us."


I also like how the bending of reality is a fuzzy blackness. just like in real life. :mspa:

Alcastar clearly lives a far more adventurous life then the rest of us. :pleasant: