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"You know the wigglies are going to try to get in as soon as I turn this thing on, right?"

"We don't know that for sure."

"Yeah but -

"But it's a good guess," says Kendra. "I think I have all the ways in blocked, but I'll try to be quick."

She breathes out then rolls her shoulders. "Come on, lets do this before I lose my nerve."

"Oh! Right! - Wait."


"I just want to - I mean - I - look, if we're going to do this…"


Bina started this sentence with the best of intentions, but it's running away on her.

Sentence fragments babble out, nothing connecting. "You just spent - like, I mean - I went to sleep and you spent like two hours protecting me from monsters, alone, and you built a time machine and you didn't even mention how weird the journal is and - I'm just this crazy girl you met and - look - even if this doesn't work…"

She trails off.

Kendra looks at her.

She will not blush. She won't.

The silence stretches. Kendra starts to say, "Uuhh -

She can't leave it like that! She cuts her off, "You're kind of amazing. OK? I'm just saying."

She can't look at Kendra.

"Come on! Lets do this!"


Sorry for the lack of interactivity over the last few days. I know everyone just wants to GET TO THE TIME TRAVEL DAMMIT, and I do too, but the limits of time and energy means that I can't just jump right there in one update. Too many panels, too much to draw.

It will be one or two more days of ==>.