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"OK, so how do we do this thing?" asks Bina.

Kendra stands up. "OK, uhh… all right. So I have these two thingies here, and this wire. Using these, I uh… I sort of 'dial in' towards a weak spot. I have to get the right frequency and then… and the book is really vague on this, the way opens and we go through."

"How much do you want to bet it involves jumping?"


"Just thinking ahead."

"I've been wondering. I mean - you've done this before. Last time, with the TV. How did you follow me?"

"I used a brick."

"A brick?" Kendra's voice is flat.

"Yeah, about that - there's a whole buncha stuff that I just learned from a ghost. I think it's pretty important. We should talk about it, but we can do that later."


"What are we waiting for?"

"Do we have everything?"

"I've got my hammer!"

"Grab the backpack."


"Don't forget the clippers, and the flash-light!"

"OK! What now?"

"You need to do the whole glowey-arm thing."

"Oh! Yeah, that makes sense. I can use the flash-light."

"You can?"

"Yeah its - it's kinda weird. It's like, I just need to hold the flash-light in my spooky hand and it makes with the green stuff."

"That doesn't make any -

"You know, we're probably going to be more productive if we just remove 'That doesn't make any sense' from our vocabularies for the next few hours."

"You… have a point."