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We should have made a Bina gets covered in filth counter. The question is whether or not blood should be included.

It's gotta be in the low double digits by now. Eurgh.

"Bina!? Oohh I shouldn't have let you -

"Mmmok. Shh!"

> Kendra: Help Bina out of the mud.

"Come on, up you get. We should get away from the door."

"Can I just sit for a minute? The mud's kinda warmer then the air in here."

And it is. The mud isn't what you'd call warm, but the air in the garage is chilly.

"Yeah, it's… been getting colder again. I noticed it about half an hour ago. Not sure what it means, but it's not very comfortable."

"Half an hour!? What time is it!"

"It's just after eleven. You slept almost two hours."

"Aaah!" Bina can't help but raise her voice at this, "Why did you let me sleep so long!? We've gotta - "

"Bina, shh!" says Kendra, "There was no way you were walking out of here, not with the Naughts out there waiting for us. Not with the state you were in."

"But -

"There's no way. You couldn't even stand up when I found you, and I can't carry you AND run from monsters."

"But what about the time machine? We could have used the time machine and then - "

"Yeah, travel through time with you half-conscious? That sounds like a great idea!"