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"You know I have broken ribs, right?" Bina whispers.

"Oh right," mouths Kendra, "Err - maybe you should…

"I didn't say I wasn't going to help!" says Bina, "I was just reminding you that I have broken ribs."

"I know. Be careful."


It's easier to push than pull.

Seconding push instead of pull if possible.
Plus if its far enough away from a wall so you can push it, that'll keep you from having to go by the busted window which is most definitely safer as well.

Bina decides to try pushing. If she finds that she isn't able to do it properly, at least the shelf-thing won't be in danger of falling on her.

It is pretty big.

It looks like some kind of tool rack. Metal sides with thick wooden panels, all covered in dozens of layers of industrial blue paint.

She doesn't recognize any of the junk on the visible shelves.

Wait… thinking of that.

>do you still have all of your things, or were they lost in the escape?

"Did you bring our stuff down here?"


> Ask Kendra if she's got the time machine down here.

"Did you bring the time machine down here beca-

"Yes! It's in the truck behind you. Now shh! Do you want to get eaten by monsters!?"


I decided to marathon this on a whim a while ago and I'm really glad I did, this adventure is excellent!

Aaah! Thank you so much!