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How is Bina even still alive anyway?

Bina's been asking herself that for a while. Memories of the previous night are skittering around the edges of her mind. Did she really jump off of a crane? That was… not her best idea.

Everybody jump out and yell "SURPRISE" when Bina opens that door. Cupcakes and punch all around!!

No seriously: Kendra has things pretty much in control. By which I mean she's just barely managing to fend them off.

If Kendra is fighting wigglies back here, she's dedicated to her 'not making noise' policy to an uncomfortable degree.

Bina works her way around the front of the truck.

"What are you doing standing up!?" Kendra mouths at Bina.

Bina shrugs. She's not really sure. She doesn't feel that bad.

Kendra looks around quickly then motions to her and whispers, "Look, if you're going to stand there, help me get this in front of the door!"