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>Thank her. It's the least you're going to do.

"Thank you," I say, trying to wrap the scarf around my neck. A surprisingly difficult job when one arm is full of beagle. "Look, I don't know - I'm not - I'm going to try to fix this. I'm not sure if I can but - "

"Yes, yes. But now you should be going. And take Earmuffs with you. She shouldn't be around for this."

The sky opens up it's jaws.

>bina: ask josephine why you can remember her if it never existed

"Wait, how can I remember you - how can I be talking to you if you never existed? How can any of this be happening? If you're cut out of reality, shouldn't this be, you know, impossible?"

"You're talking to a skeleton on a flying boat about to be eaten by the sky, and THIS? This is the part of your situation you find hard to believe?"

"Uh -

"I've already told you why. You'll figure it out. Now get out of here!"

"But -

"Look!" Her voice cracks a little, "Everything else is gone, just - let me have this. Let me be brave now. I am trying and you are making it very difficult. Just go!"

Her voice cracks on the last sentence.

Oooohkay, I get the picture. Now all I need to do is figure out how to wake up!

Should be easy…



Been meaning to make some (semi)proper fanart for your adventure for a long time jack.
And damned if you don't deserve it, we're fast approaching the 2 year mark of daily updates. Your shear commitment to your comic is really inspiring, dude.

Aaa! Wow! Thank you Vero. That is really awesome looking.

And yeah, two years… that is going to happen. Yikes. I've been trying not to think about that.