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It's a sugar beet. That seems to confirm that the second word on the smokestack is "SUGAR" (and that the building is a sugar factory).

So the root vegetable is not only edible, it probably tastes sweet.

You could use some calories right about now, Skinny McBloodloss. Chow down.

Pat the good dog (best friend) and follow him further.

Sugar beet? Yeeeeah… ok. That sort of makes sense.

Bina's primary experience with beets, thus far, has been at a friends house, once, for a holiday. The beets were a pile of disgusting, slimy, red discs.

>Maybe… just a nibble?

This looks more apetizing then those were, but not by much. She doesn't WANT to eat this thing, but man, she is really hungry. Those cookies feel about a million years away. Why couldn't she have eaten at the restaurant? Urgh.

She pats Piotr on the side anyways. Good dog. Thank you for the tuber.

On the wall behind Bina and Piotr is a tap!

What? Bucket? Where!?

Oooh yes. Water, water, water!

Bina scoops up the beet and hobbles quickly over to the bucket, Piotr following behind her.

What's in the bucket?

Oh bloody hell… the bucket looks filthy. It's covered in some kind of thick gummy tar.

Screw it. She can drink from her hands.



>Go wash off the thing using the tap water then see if you can break some off to see what it's like on the inside.

Good idea. Maybe it's just unappetising on the outside. Drink first, then wash the weird beet.

Bina turns on the tap…

… and descovers the reason the reason the bucket is so dirty. A stream of black syrup pours from the tap.

Bina finally looks at the sign above the tap.

"Thick juice."

Well it's thick enough to warrent that name, but it doesn't look like any kind of juice Bina's had before. It smells sticky sweet, like mollasses.

Dammit, she can't drink this.

Was it too much to ask for this to be water?