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Gah no no no! I should do something clever, or brave, or pretty much anything other then what I do.

Which is to let out a high-pitched noise and do that full body flinch thing that makes you look like you're six and someone just threatened to punch you on the playground.

But she doesn't jump at me, or spit acid at me, or do anything gross.

Instead -

"Take it."

"But uh… won't you, you know, um… you know, die…? Again? Without it? Maybe I could -

"It held me together long enough for this conversation, but it can't stop what's coming. And I am many things, not all of them good - I guess I never really figured out how to be a nice person, I never saw the point - but I am not a thief. This is yours. I was merely borrowing it."

"I - what is coming Josephine? What's with the sky and the -

A dry laugh. Like autumn leaves.

"Did you think it simply killed us?"

I want to know what she's saying, but a part of me can't stop wondering how she's talking without having any lips.

"It did a great deal more then that. It killed every part of us. Up and down, left and right, forward and backward. It undid us. Excised us from the time-line. There has never been a woman called Josephine Dubois ne Gallieni, not any-more. There has never been a company called Astre Sucre. There has never been a major beet sugar industry in southern Quebec."

The sky above us begins to pucker.

"All the things I've done. My experiments. My writing. My husband. My friends. Not simply gone. They never existed." Her voice, though soft and coming from a skull, is intense, and filled with something I recognize now as despair. "My parents had no children. We were erased."

That is awful. This whole situation is awful.

"Everyone there, everything nearby, gone. We are a hole punched out of history. A page cut from a book."
I have no idea how to deal with this. I take some solace in the fact that nobody would know how to deal with this.

So I reach out.

>Take Scarf

And I take the scarf.


(Small error in the coloring here.)