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"Is that my grandmothers scarf?"

"You left it behind this time. In two pieces. I had one of them in my pocket when I - when it- happened. I sent the other back to you."

A long pause. The engine's drone kicks up another notch, becomes a piercing stuttering whine.

"You needed it."

What the heck?

> Chills should run down your spine now, spooky.

I barely remember that thing with the scarf. That was real?

> "That doesn't really explain anything."

"You realize, that doesn't actually explain anything!" I shout across to her. The engine is even louder now.

She doesn't reply.

The sky changes flickers again, but this time it doesn't change back.

I realize the grinding noise I've been hearing isn't the engine.

It's the things in the sky.

They're growling.

Above me, a fluffy cloud cracks open.

Grows teeth.

This dream is over. It is definitely time to wake up.

But I have one last question.

>Bina: Ask something that has been troubling you for some time - how did Josephine, like, die?

>You probably don't have a lot of time before shit hits the fan. You need to know how Josephine died. Now.

Bina. Ask her now. How did she die?

>Bina: Sorry, this is a stressful situation for both of us, but I need to know where everything went wrong.

"Josephine!" I'm shouting again. Not angry this time, I have to shout in order to be heard over the increasing noise from the hungry sky. "You have to tell me what went wrong! You have to tell me how you died!"