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> Wait… How does Josephine remember what Bina did in every timeline? Shouldn't there be 13 different Josephines just like there are different Binas? This seems awfully suspicious…

"Wait - I just - you remember the other times? How?!"


"The other loops! You said I don't always eat the tangerine! How do you remember!?"

Oh shit. Has she been playing me?

"Have we had this conversation before? Answer me!"

What if she's been trying to keep me asleep for some reason?

"This conversation?"

Her voice is dreamy, far away. Like she's not really hearing me any-more.

"Yes! Dammit!"

The engine sounds like a plane from an old Mickey Mouse cartoon. Put put put! I'm starting to feel dizzy, and I can't tell if the sky-ship is tilting or if something is wrong with my head again.

"No. Not like this, usually I just… I can't - when it happens I. Your 'three', she pulled me back somehow, but not like this."

"What happened this time? How are you even here?"

"Oh," her voice is slow, amused. Like someone drugged. "That's easy… Don't you know? It was you."

"Uh… how did I -

"You gave me this."


Did that first gif change? I could have sworn it was just flashing a black and white image instead of that green background.

It did! I really didn't like the visual style I was going for in the previous version so I spent some time on yesterdays update to figure it out. Then I went back and changed the previous panel.

Much better this time. Well spotted.


Argh. My spell-check disagrees, but you are correct. Curse you spellcheck! I trusted you!!!

Feel better, Jack! Take it as easy as you need to.

Don't try to push yourself for us, Jack. Just take a breather and let whatever it is pass. We all hope you'll feel better soon, and I'm sure we'll all still be here for the next update no matter how much time is between now and then.

Thanks everyone! And don't worry about me, I'm fine. It's just a sore throat, I get them a lot. I'll be all right.