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"But wouldn't you hear the glass break? In the trap?"

"No! The box is a hypothetical box. It prevents any information of any kind from getting out until you open it."

"But -

The Schröedinger's Cat thought experiment was proposed by an opponent of the quantum theory, to showcase how nonsensical it is (except while the particle that kills or may not kill the cat is in superposition, the cat itself as a macro level object isn't). It stuck just because it's good for catchy soundbites.

"Look! The point is that it's ridiculous!"


"The idea is to make fun of people who come up with silly impossible thought experiments!"

"Why are you bringing it up then!?"

>So the tablet produced charge because it was spazzing out on a quantum level and was multiple things at once?

"Because I figured out a way to get both cats out of the box! Rather then a particle collapsing the wave and hitting only a single target, the image it… it made the wave collapse multiple times. Possibly it's shape was reflecting some… I don't know, some fundamental pattern that we haven't discovered in the movements of subatomic particles. Or something. It didn't matter."

"Or something? It didn't matter!? What are you talking about?"

"I didn't understand it, not entirely, but it was happening. It was observable, and repeatable, and so it had to be accounted for. Maybe I couldn't get the math to work out, or figure out how to answer all the questions it raised, but it was real!"

"Yeah, but -

"I tested it, I tested it a lot but I kept getting different results. The image created energy, but how much and how quickly? I didn't know. It was very frustrating. My equipment kept screwing up. My first meter burned out with only two days of testing and my backup not much later. It was only when I borrowed some more sensitive equipment and got a proper apparatus up and running that I started getting consistent results."

"Wait -

"It turned out that the size of the image didn't matter, provided that the lines were clearly delineated. That was important. I theorized that you could make one very small, perhaps small enough to fit inside a pocket, if you could get the engraving fine enough. The size of the slits? They needed to be placed at a wide enough angle for the image to be entirely visible, and to be narrower then the wavelength of the light used to view it."

"Wait! You -

"But that wasn't the most interesting thing. The amount of power acquired from a single viewer was tiny. Enough to build up tiny spark over an extended time perhaps, but not enough to do actual work. A single viewer was almost unmeasurable while it was happening. I had to get special equipment from the university."

"Josephine, I -

"But when viewed by two people at the same time, the effects doubled!"

"Josephine! You need to - "

"And if you added a third? Not tripled, but quadrupled! It doubled again!"

"Look -

"Don't you see!? Twice a spark isn't still isn't much, neither are three sparks, or a hundred sparks! You'd need an entire city to power a building. But doubling every time? You only need eight people and that spark becomes 256 sparks. Twelve people? Over four thousand sparks. My first test with ten people melted to the table."

"If you'd just -

"My husband, after the incident with the table, he asked me, hesitant you know, as if it were beyond the realm of possibility, if we might, one day, use it to power the factory! Hah! Power the factory!? He didn't understand either! Don't you see? With only seventy three people, I could provide infinite free power to the entire nation! With seventy seven? The entire planet."

"But Josephine, sure, that's great but you're missing something."


"If the symbol was some kind of, I don't know, some pre-existing property of the universe, WHY did it need people to make it work?"


am i the only one who thinks its weird that Josephine's text is grey now? is it trying to represent her voice fading cause bina is waking up, or am i reading to much into it…probably the latter. nobody pay any mind to the insane person over here

Somebody mentioned it was getting hard to tell who was talking, I think. I'm pretty sure that's all it is.

Xooxu is right. There were a couple of places where it got kinda confusing who was talking, so I decided to add colour. I'm going to try to go back and add them to the earlier posts in this scene so it's more consistent.