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>Ask how literal that statement was.

"Err… were you… you know, being serious just now?"


"About killing time?"

"Ah! No, not now of course. I don't think the dead get to affect the living that directly."

"Oh," I try to think of something clever to say. I come up with, "Good."

"While I was alive, of course, that's another story."


"Have you not figured out what's going on yet?"


Also Jack, the panels we see are 800 * 600, but what resolution do you draw them at? Do you draw them larger then shrink them down or do you just draw them at 800*600?

I draw everything at 800x600. I started with that ratio and dammit I'm going to finish with that ratio! :)

But yeah, I draw at full res, not 2x or what'evs. I probably should draw at 2x, but this works, and it's less pixels to cover.