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Bina: Time Traveling Spirit Medium

>I thought I was dealing with time travel, not, um, whatever this is. The afterlife?

Wait what?

"Wait, what?! You're dead? I mean… am I dead? I thought this was about time travel!"

"That's a complicated question."

"A complicated question!? How is that a complicated question!? Am I dead!? Did I - my ribs - I mean, god. Kendra, she'll be so -

"Hold on! Hold on! This you, the one you are right now, isn't dead. Probably."

"That isn't reeeeally making me feel any better."

"I'm not trying to make you feel better. Don't forget who the definitely dead one is here."

"Right, I'm sorry, it's just -

"At least one of your other-you's IS dead though. I can say that for certain."

I want to ask about this, but she keeps talking.

"And as to your other question, I don't think I'm a dream, but if I were a dream who thought she was real, that's exactly what I'd say, wouldn't I?"

"Well, couldn't you say something that only you would know?"

"And how would you ever verify what I told you? Anything I said would be exactly what you think I'd say, if I were a dream. It's a bad experiment. You're going to just have to decide if you believe what I say or not."

This woman may look soft and cuddly, but she talks fast and is prickly as a cactus. I need to be careful not to make her mad.


> So, what are we doing up here, exactly?

"It's just, augh! What is happening!? Why are you here? HOW are you here? You say you're dead and not a dream, ok fine. But then how are you here? Why are we having this conversation? Where even IS here!?"

"Ah, do you like it? My house in the sky? I had such high hopes for these things."

"Come, we should sit and talk properly, like civilized people. The brie is delicious, and you look like you could use a drink."

I let her take my arm and start leading me toward the table.

"So this is your dream then? Your… heaven?"

"My design. I never had the chance to build one. Not a real one."

"What are you doing here Josephine? Really."

"Oh not much, I was waiting for you."

"You know, just killing time."