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>Well it wasn't your idea to number everyone in the first place, and if you go back and try to do something else now it's just going to be even more confusing, right?

"Hey! I'm not the one who came up with the idea! Wait, no. I mean, I did, but I wasn't me at the time and -

My head is starting to hurt.

"So which one are you?"

"Thirteen. I'm B13. I think. That's what everyone else tells me anyway."


"Yeah, you sound surprised, is that… important?"

"Well, I just - I did not expect everything to hold together for so long. So many iterations. Everything must be held together like grand piano dangling from a spiders thread. Just a little more weight and the whole thing falls to pieces."

"Sorry, I mean, it's just… look is any of this real? This, what, this sky boat? And you, are you real? You don't look… the same as you did before, and up until a few minutes ago this was definitely a dream."



The lady above is named Josephine Dubois. This looks like a much younger Josephine.

Josephine gives her a funny look.

"I don't look the same?"

"Oh! Yes. I'm, what? Twenty five years old now? Maybe younger?"

"Hah. Two decades of running a sugar factory, chasing around after beet farmers, and workers. A husband, friends, all those late nights in the lab. It takes a bit out of you."

She laughs to herself, a private joke. "That's one thing they don't tell you about death."


"It works wonders for your complexion."


>she's challenging you to a pokemon battle

Pokemon: Laundry Edition


:smooth: i couldn't resist

This is great! I laughed for like, five minutes at this. Thank you!