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>Now flip out at the sight of the person just standing there


Bina jumps back, startled.

The man says he is sorry for startle her. He explains that he was going to turn on light when she does it first. He is sorry.

His english is stilted, with a thick accent. Ukranian maybe? Or Russian. Bina doesn't know.

Once you've calmed down
>Ask what was with the lights being off

She asks him what the heck was he doing standing there in the dark like that?

He explains that nobody was here so he was watch TV yes? And then he is tired so he closes eyes for minute. The lights, they are very bright. He turns them off. Is better.

After her first shock on seeing him, Bina thinks that she remembers seeing this guy around.

He works here or something. He was always talking with another guy, the owner she guesses, a little guy with glasses. They spoke quietly in a language she didn't understand, and sometimes helped people use the change machine when it wasn't working. He always had a little dog with him. A beagle or one of the other little weiner dogs. Bina doesn't see it with him now .

She's never spoken to him before and is not entirely satisfied with his explanation.